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26 Jul
Este Review está en una página
que suelo visitar desde hace REALMENTE mucho tiempo… está en inglés,
pero por si les interesa se los dejo, es sobre… adivinen… si,
FAFNER ^___^ (errores de encoded fixed)

“Story & Characters

[Before I start off, I apologize if the review is not detailed enough since I am
rushing to study for my final year exams. My english is also not that good. So

This review is based on the original version of Soukyuu no Fafner

“Anata wa soko ni imasu ka” or simply “Are you there?” is the main plot of this anime which revolves
around existence and nothingness.

Soukyuu no Fafner (Fafner in the Azure) is an anime that takes place in future
era. It has roughly the same concept as Gundam Seed/Destiny, Evangelion,
RahXephon etc. but of course, Fafner has it own niece areas.

It all started out with the main character, Kazuki Makabe, a normal high school
boy and his classmates whose lives turned upside down when the emergency alarm
was heard and they were to take shelter in an underground headquarter which the
children had never seen before. Soon, Festums (the enemies) started appearing
one by one and in order to protect their island, Kazuki and his friends had to
pilot giant robots called Fafner. The reasons why only the children could pilot
these robots would be explained as the series proceed.

Pros: Fafner not only portray the war against Festum, but also human army who
wanted the robots for themselves. This anime also consist of many character
deaths, proving that not only main characters will survive and win all the time.
It managed to capture the audiences’ attention due to the hints of yaoi
(boy boy relationship) and het (boy girl relationship) portrayed

The story very well thought of but is rather too rushed. There are plenty of
plot twists, as well as cliffhangers. Mysteries are also numerous and you would
have to be patient and let them uncover it one by one.

Cons: Fafner make use of complicated terms and audience might take some time to
get use to it. Sudden change of scenes after every episode might make audience
wonder whether they had missed an episode. Storyline is not very creative and
yaoi fans might not like it as it has more hints of het.

Fafner has 26 episodes in total.

7 (above average)


The characters in Soukyuu no Fafner are designed by Hisashi Hirai, also the
designer of the characters in Gundam Seed/Destiny. Thus, you might notice the
vast resemblance of certain characters, especially the main character of Gundam
Seed Destiny (Shinn Asuka) and the main character of this series (Kazuki

The mecha designs are by Naohiro Washio. I don’t really see much
difference among all the Fafners but they are excellent in terms of the colours
and toning.

The pilot suits are really creative and complex. It looks good on most of the
pilots. The uniforms that they have to wear are simple but many like it. The
colour combinations are excellent.

Pros: The designs for each settings are well drawn. The 3D features are also
smooth. It’s easy to differentiate among characters and their hair are
not exaggerated in terms of hairstyles and colours. You would not see girls with
pink hair and guys with blue hair appearing. The face expressions are well
designed too, it is easy to guess how each characters are feeling.

Cons: The character designs are not very original for some. Not much variety in
clothing and there are quite a lot of repeated scenes.

6 (average)


Voices: Many of the seiyuu are not very well-known but they are good. They
portrayed each of the characters’s expressions very well. Some dialogues
seemed rather forced though.

Music: Background Music (BGM) are nicely done. It soothes to the ears and played
at the correct time, adding on to the atmosphere. There are many varieties in
the BGM, considering for a show with only 26 episodes. Though this is out of
point, but I would like to point out the creativity of the titles of the two
soundtracks “No Where” and “Now Here”
Singaporeans call it so Fafner-ish.

Opening (Shangri-La): Sung by Angela. This song took me some time to get use to
it. At first I loathe it because it sounds too “Opera” but I got
to like it in the end. Many people love this song as well. It was once ranked
6th in Japan among all anime songs. The lyrics of this song hold much meaning to
the show itself.

Ending (Separation): Sung by Angela as well. The lyrics of this song also hold
deep meaning, if possible, deeper than the opening. If you are the type who do
not like songs which sound too “Opera”, you get a chance to hear
the 2nd verse of this song and is very soothing and peaceful. There is only one
ending in Fafner, but by changing in terms of verse, it shows the effort put

Ending of episode 15 (Proof): Again, sung by Angela. Unlike the opening and
ending, this song is calming and suits this episode very well. Do stay to the
end to hear this song.

Character themes are not very good but we are not basing on that for this
review, right?

Pros: Lyrics and music suits the show very well.

Cons: Some might not like the signer’s voice.

7 (above average)


The presentation of this show is definitely the best part about Fafner. The way
they reveal each character’s feelings and developments surpass many
anime. You can practically see each characters growing in every

The despair after a loss of a fallen comrade is superbly shown, making audience
wants to scream and cry along with them. The feelings of trust, anger, joy,
comfort and pain are very natural where we would feel the same way if we were in
their shoes.

Since this is war, Fafner of course did not exclude the facts that there would
be betrayal and sacrifices which quite a few anime forget about. This is the
cons and pros of Fafner. I have known of a few who stopped watching it since
there is too many people dying in this story and they got tired of it. There are
also who think that this is the part of the show worth watching (including me).

Although this anime sounds very serious, it has quite a few humorous scenes
worth laughing at.

This is a show that can make you cry after every episode. The three reasons

1. Your favourite characters dying
2. The humours in some episodes are certainly amusing.
3. Too complicated storyline that you can’t understand.

I told that to many people and they agreed.

No matter what, Soukyuu no Fafner is worth watching. Although I kind off got
bored of it after a few episodes because of the complexity of the terms used, I
continued watching it and truly enjoyed it in the end. Even if you do stop, do
watch the last two episodes. They are without doubt, outstanding and give a good
conclusion on the story.

8 (good)

Final Veredict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by kyubinaruto

Debo decir que es bastante…
objetivo XD. Pero bueno, mejor eso que yo tirándole flores, cierto?
(Aunque, ciertamente, hay cosas en las que NO estoy deacuerdo…).
Bueno, me voy que mañana me tengo que levantar temprano (de vuelta a dormi sólo 4.30-5hs por día… U_U)

PD: tengo nuevo profesor de historia! >.<

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2 Respuestas a “ehhh… (?)

  1. Naomi Iwakura

    2006/08/13 at 8:43 PM

    Mmm… ¿qué decir de este anime?. La verdad me gusto mucho, aunque me tarde un "poquito" en agarrarle la onda a ciertos terminos, el anime me parecio genial omitiendo el final!!!!! Quede traumada con ese final!!! No se vale!!!!!! ¬¬ Ejem, lo siento. La música es excelente, pero hay que tenerle paciencia para agarrar el gusto. Eso es todo, bye… que se supone que estoy haciendo el quehacer de mi casa XD.

  2. You Kai

    2006/08/14 at 3:50 PM

    Cierto, Naomi, Fafner es realmente un poco dificil con respecto a la terminología, pero si te lees algo de mitología escandinava y eso, se te hace más facil (sin contar que, además, leer los números en aleman es un despiole >.<).De todas formas, creo que el final es lo que le da esa "magía" al anime… está bien que vaya en contra de lo que los fan(girls) quieren, pero bueno =P, acaso no te hace esperar una segunda parte?? XDDAngela, Angela y Angela. Sólo genial =DGracias por firmar, necesitaba a alguien que hablara de Fafner así cerca *o*



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