18 Dic

invisible pink unicorn

The Invisible Pink Unicorn is an omnipotent unicorn that is both invisible and pink. Admittedly, believing in him takes a lot of faith. Which is totally different from believing aliens, since we have SO much evidence that proves they exist. We have seen aliens, met them, shaken their hands and taken them out for drinks. Therefore, any sane self-important engineer is totally able to tout the existence of aliens that seeded life onto this planet using a giant floating space crystal. But the moment he mentions the Invisible Pink Unicorn, he is SHUNNED!


On a more personal note, the Unicorn enjoys ham and pineapple pizza. But not ham and mushroom pizza. For mushrooms are, after all, fungi.

Mañana subiré algo con más sentido.

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Publicado por en 2012/12/18 en Diciembre, Random


Una respuesta a “pink

  1. Bach

    2012/12/31 at 7:41 PM

    Oh shitness… LOL



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