11 Questions

12 Feb

Hace un tiempo me he hecho adepta del blog de froggykun (el cual es casi puramente de anime, están advertidos), así que he decidido responder a unas preguntas que estaban de oferta en una de sus últimas entradas.

My Questions For Others:

1) How many waifus is too many waifus?
2) ‘Fess up. Did you watch all the filler episodes in Naruto?
3) Favourite Shakespeare play?
4) Between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, which is the better old-time group?
5) Do you have an anime OTP (One True Pairing)? If so, what is it?
6) “Death Note is better than Code Geass.” Agree or disagree?
7) Have you ever cried watching an anime?
8) Your opinion on Justin Bieber?
9) Judging purely from the pictures below, which of these two shows would you rather watch? (You’re not allowed to say neither!)

02 01

10) Which anime character would you SHUDDER at the thought of being married to?
11) Read this article. Is Hayao Miyazaki spot on or is he just a grumpy old fart?

1. All the waifus together are too many waifus, a lot of waifus are enough and not too many if you can endure it.
2. I didn’t complete Naruto, but I watched every episode up to 101.
3. Along the ones I have read so far, I must say I enjoyed Hamlet more.
4. This one is hard… The Beatles.
5. I have several OTP, but I enjoy a lot with Kazuki/Soushi (and Abe/Mihashi).
6. For the moment, I disagree. But I didn’t ended Code Geass yet.
7. I cry a lot watching anime, more than IRL.
8. Justin who? I just don’t care.
9. I am not allowed to… but, well, Kimi ni Todoke.
10. *thinking* Asuka L. SOURYU. Or any similar character.
11. He is being a grumpy old fart (hipster maybe? look at the glasses), but he makes sense about people observation and the lack of out-of-the-stereotype characters.

Los invito a responderlas también, si están aburridos o simplemente quieren compartir.

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Una respuesta a “11 Questions

  1. froggykun

    2014/02/12 at 7:13 PM

    Me gusta! Now to learn Spanish…

    I do believe that everyone who has answered these questions so far has said The Beatles is better than The Rolling Stones. I think we can see which group is clearly superior.

    I also agree being married to a tsundere would cause you a lot of pain and misfortune… *shudders*



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